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The Cannonborough Elliotborough Neighborhood Association of downtown Charleston South Carolina has a fantastic president who keeps us up to date with a weekly “presidential address”.  Here is this weeks update:

CENA president, Ryan Glushkoff (center) with VP and Chief of Staff.

CENA president, Ryan Glushkoff (center) with VP and Chief of Staff.

Hey Folks,

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for your weekly update from CENA! For those of you playing at home, CENA stands for the Cannonborough-Elliotborough Neighborhood Association. And yes, I know it’s Monday, but it’s a HOLIDAY Monday, which means it’s actually more like Sunday.

Anyways, here are the updates:
When is the Next Neighborhood Association Meeting?
  • The next meeting is on February 28, 2011. The meeting has been moved from February 21 because that day is President’s Day, which is a holiday. Please spread the word and please attend that meeting as we will have representatives from the City’s Capital Planning Department to give us an update on Spring-Cannon.
Accommodation Overlay Zone
  • Andrew will be discussing possible changes to the proposed accommodations overlay zone, which the NA had approved, but was deferred by the Planning Commission.
  • City Staff plan to bring it back to the Commission on March 16th.  Lee Batchelder, the Zoning Administrator, will be attending the committee meeting to discussing possible changes to the proposal.  If any changes are made, the new & revised proposal will be brought to the Neighborhood Association meeting on 2/28 for a vote.
  • Andrew has scheduled a meeting of the Design and Economic Development Committee for Tuesday 2/8 at 6:30PM at 33 Cannon St. Suite 404.
Bed & Breakfast Regulations
  • The ordinance to amend the B&B regulations goes to City Council on January 25 for a public hearing and hopefully 1st reading approval.  Please attend this important meeting in support!
Humphrey Court Construction
  • Both houses have been successfully assembled on Humphreys Court and that the crane and all the transportation vehicles have been removed from the HA parking lot on Line Street.
  • Residents in the area are again free to park on Line and Ashe Streets.
The Capitol Report from Rep. Gilliard
  • Despite heavy snowfall and a delayed start to the legislative week, the House Democratic Caucus has started the year with a vigor unexpected by our Republican colleagues.  In addition to witnessing the inauguration of the state’s first female Governor as well as its first Governor of Sikh descent, the Democrats pushed off the starting blocks with a series of improvements to state law.
  • Continued Fiscal Transparency in 2011: A bill to increase transparency, H. 3004 was introduced, given second reading, and passed out of the House in short order this week. The measure requires recorded roll call votes on certain bills and joint resolutions to promote fiscal transparency and accountability. The bill uses the exact same language as one passed unanimously in 2010.
  • Combating Lung Cancer: Several bills were introduced that would extend the smoking ban in the “Clean Indoor Air Act of 1990” to restaurants, bars, lounges, and recreational facilities. The new bill proposes an increase of the fine for smoking in these public places from twenty-five dollars to fifty dollars.
  • Increasing Access to Careers in Technology: A bill was introduced, H. 3031 that would require public middle schools and public high schools to offer at least five elective courses that were focused on careers in technology.
  • Keeping Student Athletes Safe from Sickle Cell Anemia: A bill was introduced, H. 3040 that would require pre-screening of all student athletes. Each student would be given an electrocardiogram test and a test to determine if that student has sickle cell anemia or carries the sickle cell anemia trait. Once a doctor cleared the student for both of these tests, they would be eligible to participate in school-sponsored sports. Sickle cell anemia is potentially lethal and affects 1 in 12 Americans of African descent.
  • Fighting Corruption: A bill was introduced, H. 3052 to establish the office of state inspector general. This position would investigate charges of corruption in state, county, and local governments.
  • Feeding the Hungry: A bill was introduced, H. 3054 that would allow restaurants, churches, and non-profit organizations to donate surplus food items to feed the needy without risk of legal liability for health code violations.
  • Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure: A bill was introduced, H. 3108 that would create a mandate for mediation prior to any acts of bank foreclosures. This mandate would be called the Mandatory Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program. This measure would help keep South Carolinians in their homes.
  • Protecting Rights of the Accused: A bill was introduced, H. 3126 that would require certain statements made during a custodial interrogation be video recorded, and to allow juries to take a lack of video into account when weighing evidence.
Until next time I remain,
Ryan Glushkoff

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