Interview with Spring St business WED

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Ellen Robinson of WED

Yesterday I stopped by to visit with my Cebo neighbor Ellen Robinson.  Ellen’s office is on Spring St in downtown Charleston Sc.  Her business WEDis arguably Charleston’s most established event firm.  Thier lovely headquarters is spacious and bright and Ellen is warm and welcoming.  She talks about her experience as a VIP liason and event coordinator for Disney.  I know she could name drop here, but is far too polite.   Ellen exudes the confidence and candor of someone versed in averting disaster.  She explains how over a decade of weddings and events has exposed her team to numerouse challenges.    They have honed thier skills by facing the likes of Hurricane Gaston’s 75 mile per hour winds and the challenges of air travel post 911.   It isn’t just experience with logistics that causes brides to choose WED. WED’s classic  look and current details seem to captivate the press.    It would seem that they are trend setters in more ways than one.   Ellen and W.E.D. founder Katie Huebel  moved to Spring St 6 years ago and shared a lovely vintage building with Tiger Lily Florists.  “The neighborhood was a bit tougher then”, admits Ellen, who goes on to describe the many changes that have occured.  She admits it’s a bit shocking to hear Cannonborough Elliotborough reffered to as the “wedding district”.   The bourough has filled up with wedding industry providors.  Ellen loves networking with her neighbors, and she mentioned Madison RowSugar, and Wildflouramong her faves.  There is no resting on their laurels at this company, WED knows how to give back and are involved in donating their services to non-profit and charity events serveral times a year.

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