Meet Wedding Row's Della MacNicholas a true CEBO entrepreneur

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Della MacNicholas of the Wedding Row Event Blog poses in her first shop on Spring St

Della MacNicholas of the Wedding Row Event Blog poses in her first shop on Spring St

This week I was lucky enough to catch  the innovative entrepreneur Della MacNicholas whose blog the wedding row has become a darling and a fixture of the Charleston event industry.  I met Della over a year ago when she leased a space on Spring St for her wedding business.  Spring St. became a Spring board and the rest is history….I asked her the following questions:

Did you write wedding row specifically because of all the wedding biz on Cannon and Spring?

Yes, I was so excited when we moved on to Spring Street and was surrounded by such a phenomenal collection of wedding industry related businesses. I wanted to find a way to promote the growth of the area. As the idea grew into a concept…it became bigger. I wanted to also promote the city and the entire wedding industry in Charleston. My goal is to use The Wedding Row as a proverbial PR firm for Charleston weddings, to inspire not only local brides but also brides from all over the world to come to our fabulous city to be married.

Why do you think Cannon and Spring commercial corridor is such a strong attraction for wedding industry?

In general, I feel that the creative minds in the wedding industry are trailblazers and hugely innovative. Many of them recognized the potential growth of Cannon and Spring Streets. Now that so many talented professionals are calling the area home, more and more are following suit.

Wedding Row is a really beautiful website and people love it!  What is your secret for success?

I am humbled that The Wedding Row has been so well received in Charleston and beyond. I strive everyday to find ways to continuously keep the readers interested while connecting with the readership the vendors involved. I also work hard to know the people that I work with, I consider them all to be part of The Wedding Row family.

A huge not so secret is also the talented team at Hoppmann Creative who make the site beautiful. The Wedding Row is very much a tribute to their hard work and wildly talented creativity.

Do you have plans to expand to other markets out side of Charleston?

Yes, I hope to expand to many more markets. We are thrilled to have just launched in Charlotte, NC. My goal is to create a network of wedding blogs that are geographically centered around specific cities. The readers love seeing weddings that are in the same town as they are planning to be married. They love having daily looks at venues and the ways that they can be completely transformed by decor. They love to see the many examples of work from different photographers. They gain perspective and see examples from different Event Planners.

Sounds like a pretty full schedule.  What is next on your agenda?

I have launched a children’s site called Sugar Row.  I have also launched an aggregate of blogs called The Love of Blogs. In the near future you will see this site grow massively as we expand in to many new categories and new cities. It is a very exciting time for Wedding Row, and soon..yes, there will be an app for that! I just cannot wait!

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