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This month I’ve decided to give a pop quiz to local schools to give my clients with children a little direction in a sea of options that can be very confusing.  I have picked a few favorites, but I also hope my readers will comment on a few of theirs and I am happy to add new schools to my list as they are suggested.  Today I met with the folks at Blessed Sacrament School on Highway 17 in West Ashley.    Here is what I found out:

Blessed Sacrament School on Hwy 17 West Ashley

Blessed Sacrament School on Hwy 17 West Ashley

Blessed Sacrament School, 7 St. Teresa Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 (843)766-2128

Blessed Sacrament is K4-8th Catholic Day School.  The class sizes are small and the teachers are well qualified.  As I walked through the building the halls were spottless and quiet.  Students were happy and respectful when enteracting with adults and others.  The results are impressive!  Last year 4 students from Blessed Sacrament school were accepted to the Academic Magnet High School which is one of the best ranked public schools in the nation!  Several graduated 8th graders went on to the School of the Arts and the rest went to Bishop England.  The school is conveniently located and students wear blue and white uniforms.  Price is very low for private school, approximately $7000 per year per student with a very affordable after school program until 5pm, and lots of extra curricular activities including sports and languages.  This school just across the Ashley River bridge from downtown Charleston Sc earns an A+ !

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