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Master in Equity Sales How to Realtor CHarleston Sc

Short sales, foreclosures, master in equity auctions, oh my!  These and other factors are turning the real estate market into a tornado of uncertainty….the result, we are not in Kansas anymore.  At an engagement party in downtown Charleston, I had a typical cocktail conversation with a potential buyer.  He knew the neighborhood he and his wife wanted, and he new the price they would pay would not get them there.  “Call me if one in Longborough ever comes on the market for less than 400” he said.   “Fat chance, right?”  A year and a half later, he and his wife are moving into their new downtown Charleston home.  The specs:  4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, three stories, back garden, etc. etc.  How did it happen…tenacity!  After what felt like years of looking, but was really 6 months, the three of us had exhausted ourselves and the available homes.  Finally, my client stumbled upon the master in equity list one night doing a late night internet search.  “The address rang a bell because we had put in an offer across the street”, he commented later.  We immediately made an appointment to see the house that we had previously avoided because it was listed for $200k out of their price range.  About two weeks of research later, my clients and I went to the county courthouse not knowing what to expect.  Within a few minutes the bidding was over and they had the home “under contract”.  With a 5% non refundable deposit at risk the next thirty days were a bit of a scramble, but with the help of my real estate dream team, banker Josh Feldman and attorney Lisa Herbert, things went very smoothly!  Yesterday they moved into their new home in Longborough, a beautiful new home development on the Ashley River on the downtown Charleston Peninsula.  Call me to find out more about out of reach dream homes and how to bring them into your grasp!  Currie 843-853-2004

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