Local blogger sets Wall Street Journal straight

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Local realtor and blogger Kristin Walker Charleston Sc real estate

Local blogger Kristin Walker has her finger on the pulse and is a one woman pr machine when it comes to promoting Charleston South Carolina Real Estate.  Today’s blog post from Kristin puts a real smack down on the Wall Streeet Journal and Zillow, both of whom have made the mistake of trying to compare Charleston Sc’s housing market  to the rest of the nation and come up with some pretty ridiculous conclusions.  Kristin writes:  An article in the Wall Street Journal came out recently entitled Linkage in Income, Home Prices Shift, outlining the correlation between home prices and annual incomes in partnership with Zillow.  They determined which real estate markets were currently undervalued and which were overvalued based on comparing current price-to-income ratios to the average of the time period of 1985-2000.  Read more of this great article http://charlestoninsideout.net/why-the-wall-street-journal-and-zillow-are-wrong-about-charleston/

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