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I was telling Tom about my day, “Helen and Josh called to tell me that they were ready to move downtown”, Tom and I were walking our dog, two years ago, in the evening.  “What do they want?”  he  asked, “the moon” I quipped.  We turned from President to Spring and he stopped abruptly in front of a poorly lit house. ” This is the house”, he said.   I called the Realtor from the number on the sign and made the appointment.  The next day, I called Josh and said “Tom found your house!”.  They bought, they renovated, the next year we found a commercial space, they bought, they renovated.  This is a gross over simplification, but sometimes things just fit.  Read the article and decide for your self, it’s inspiring!

Helen and Josh in front of their home on Spring St in Cannonborough Neighborhood

Currie McCullough, a client and friend, had been doing some incredible research for us in the area – and knowing our circumstances – had identified a perfect spot for us. The zoning was perfect, the neighborhood was perfect, the house was in incredible structural condition and it had a huge yard. We immediately put in an offer and within 48 hours had a deal.
It was vital that we worked with Currie because of her experience with this neighborhood and the renovation process we would be facing.
Josh Nissenboim / Fuzzco

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