23 Million Dollars for Historic Sword Gate House

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For a mere 23 million you can own one of the most pristine examples of Charleston architecture, the Sword Gate House, at 32 Legare St. The mansion and its’ dependencies were carefully rejoined and restored by an eccentric millionaire in the late 90s. Not much is known about the owners except rumors that he managed the construction via hidden camera from his private estate in Ireland. The nearly 1 acre estate on arguably the most beautiful Street South of Broad would be the feather in any real estate moguls cap.

The famous Sword Gate

The staircase a good example of original finishes and tasteful restoration

The Green House in The Sword Gate House

An original home for all your hot house flowers

The home has been listed before, it was purchased in 1998 for 3 million but at that time was a much smaller parcel without much of the dependencies which make it nearly one acre today. It was listed at its’ current price of 23 million in 09, 2011, and just came on the market again in March.