Ryan and Blake put Charleston in the news!


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are perhaps two of the most talked about celebs today due to their recent wedding. I love the fact that they chose beautiful home sweet home, Charleston, Sc to tie the knot. What a great day for the local economy. Not only does Charleston SC get even more national attention as a fabulous destination, but local establishments get some hollywood cash. Local chef Mike Latta of Fig Restaurant on Meeting St. reportedly did the cooking apparently he has caught the attention of the lovely lively. The couple stayed just up the street from Fig at the Orient Express owned and operated Charleston Place Hotel. The location for the wedding was the Boone Hall Plantation cotton dock. Apparently the rights to cover the event were granted to Martha Stewart Weddings, so we should be able to see photos in December. The couple liked Charleston SC so much that rather than zipping off to an exotic honeymoon local they have reportedly been hanging around town, shopping and eating in restaurants on Upper King St, obviously the two stars have excellent taste.