Hugo versus Sandy, Hurricanes duke it out


hurricanes in south carolina

Tibwin Plantation north of Charleston SC after hurricane hugo

Last weekend I showed about 8 Charleston, SC homes to a family of 4 interested in relocating to our fair city. One of their concerns was living in a town prone to hurricanes. I guess the south east has earned quite a reputation in the past twenty years as hurricane alley. The thing about weather is that it does not discriminate against southerners. This week the northeast felt the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. For all of us who survived Hurricane Hugo, our hearts go out to those affected by the mega storm. As a comparison however Sandy has maximum sustained winds up to 65 mph where Hurricane Hugo was at 160 mph and Hurricane Katrina was 175 mph. If I had to compare fear factor however, I would rather ride out the storm Lieutenant Dan style on a shrimp boat rather than get stuck in a sky scraper during a Manhattan black out.
I hope next time I go to the big apple, I can ask a realtor, “Aren’t you scared to live here because of all the hurricanes?”