Walking Dead tips on Choosing a home

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There’s gotta be a place not just where we hole up but fortified, were we can hunker down, pull ourselves together, build a life for each other I know it’s out there, we just have to find it”
Rick Grimes, the main character of the walking dead might be referring to a home sweet home away from zombies, but he is echoing a familiar sentiment. Most things that make for a zombie free camp, also come in handy in today’s mostly zombie-less society. Here are a few tips that transcend both environments:
“Establish a perimeter”

In a zombie overrun dystopia a perimeter can mean the difference between life and walking death. In the neighborhoods of Charleston SC it can mean the absence of boundary disputes. A good survey can really make a difference when say adding a zombie fence to your yard. Make sure to hire a competent reputable company to conduct your survey.

“Stick to the high ground”

Despite the fact that mud really slows zombies down, it is not a great idea to purchase a home in a flood zone. The new flood policies are increasing by in some cases 200% this year, so buying in a high area, above flood is a great idea for many reasons. Information about why flood insurance hikes are happening is available

Despite the similar claw like scratching fingers, the photo above is not an image of a zombie from the Walking Dead but California democrat representative Maxine Waters, the co-author of the bill that is threatening apocalyptic flood insurance hikes.

There will surely be other factors that buyer’s will consider other than riding out potential zombie attacks but the tips above will certainly come in handy when choosing the place where you decide to stand your ground!