Going to a real estate closing

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I decided to write this post because I have so many first time homebuyers that I am trying to find an affordable home for right now. Even though the market is a bit deflated the rent is still strong so there are still not that many homes you can buy for cheaper monthly payments than what you pay in rent, and still, with most of my first time buyers, this is the goal. Monday, I closed a house with my clients Eric and Ann Marie and we were able to do just that. They actually bought the house next door to their rental and were able to purchase it at a price that makes their payments the same as what they were paying in rent at the equivalent house next door. It was a fun closing and a real success story. The only hiccup was the need to call in some subcontractor friends of mine to do some repairs at the last minute. Luckily, I have a very good team, and the sellers were more than willing to pay for the majority of the repairs. Yeah! Happy first time homebuyers in a home they love for a price they can afford! Call me if you are thinking of buying your first home.
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