Oh what I could have bought, if only I had known…

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Anyone who has lived in Charleston for over 10 years or if you have friends who have lived here for that long, you have undoubtedly had this conversation.  To that I would like to remind everyone:  This is still going on!  The fact is, the reasons people made fortunes buying houses in less than fortunate areas is that Charleston is growing.  The closer to the center of downtown the more security you have with your investment.  That’s why people who bought homes on Bogard St in 1989 for $80k (like my father) are amazed to see a million dollar price tag on the same property today.  Contrary to popular belief, Charleston prices are not going down.  Take Elliotborough for example.  Two years ago some friends of mine bought a little defunct shoe shop for $200k, now it is leased to the Charleston Paper Company!  The commercial corridor has just begun to establish itself!  The corridor now has a website www.cannonelliot.com, it is still under construction but a business owners association is also in the works and with the city planning the street scape and the two way traffic change soon to come; we are in for a dramatic transformation!

Pink House on Spring by William McCullough

Pink House on Spring by William McCullough

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