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Helen and Josh chose Currie to help them with the purchase of 141 Spring St.

Helen and Josh chose Currie to help them with the purchase of 141 Spring St.

In 2004 we started a creative studio called Fuzzco that does web/interactive design, graphic design and experience design. We started out of our downtown apartment – at the intersection of Rutledge and Line Streets.

In 2005 our business started to become a reliable primary job. We wanted to buy a house and couldn’t afford downtown so in early 2006, at close to the peak of the real estate market, we moved to Park Circle and very soon there after started renting an office at Storehouse 10 on the Navy Yard.

In mid 2008, business was still going strong and we had saved up a little money. Our lease was 1 year away from expiring, and we failed to negotiate reasonable renewal rates. So we started looking into buying a building that could double as an office and a residence.

The market having tanked put us in a great position to find an old Charleston Single house just south of the crosstown. We did some extensive renovations with a renovation loan and are really happy in our space.

Currie McCullough, a client and friend, had been doing some incredible research for us in the area – and knowing our circumstances – had identified a perfect spot for us. The zoning was perfect, the neighborhood was perfect, the house was in incredible structural condition and it had a huge yard. We immediately put in an offer and within 48 hours had a deal. 
It was vital that we worked with Currie because of her experience with this neighborhood and the renovation process we would be facing.

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