ABS Flowers Coming Soon to Coming St

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The newest addition to the commercial scene is the heavily under construction site at the corner of Coming and Cannon, just across from 5 Loaves Cafe lies the old brick building that is undergoing a major facelift.  Formerly a church of some sort, Ann Bowen was lucky enough to make it her own last year.  She admitts that the large project has been a leap of faith but is excited about her hard work paying off.  Ann has big plans for the spot.  The Coming Street entrace will usher guests into the home of ASB Flowers.  Ann invisions the space as not only the home to her floral design studio but also a class room, where she plans to instruct small groups in the art of floral design.  Additionally the space will have some retail arrangements.  All in all, another reason things are pretty rosy in Elliotborough!

Ann Bowen in her new space on Coming at Cannon

Ann Bowen in her new space on Coming at Cannon

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