It's 80's Wednesday at Velvet Salon!

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I popped into Velvet Salon on Spring St. today to take advantage of their great new promotion, 80’s Wednesday means 80’s prices on hair services.  This was my first visit to Velvet since the dramatic transformation and I was so amazed by how great the renovation turned out.  The owner Melissa Pope had an ecco friendly mission and the beauty is just a bonus.  Gorgeous bamboo and a dramatic combination of modern and antique (they even kept an original sink) make this a truly unique space.   Melissa says she loves the location, she sites convenience along with neighborhood support and a young artistic vibe as well as proximity to MUSC as the Cannonborough highlights.  Carrie and Amber enjoy the people watching and friendly neighbors.  They point to a beautiful orchid, a gift from neighbor Tiger Lily florist.  The salon is giving back to the neighborhood with a fab new idea, today’s haircuts at 80’s prices!  The new promotion was like totally awesome!  Back in the eighties, hair was big and prices were small.  I spent thirty bucks and my hair looks better than it has since high school, if only Kirk Cameron had stopped in for a cut.  For more on this great downtown Charleston salon check out their website


Eighties Ladies, Carrie, Melissa, and Amber at Velvet Salon

Eighties Ladies, Carrie, Melissa, and Amber at Velvet Salon

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