Parking Please! I beg you, no more tickets!

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Downtown Charleston Sc Parking Districts Map

Downtown Charleston Sc Parking Districts Map

Because parking is at such a premium aka. $$$ in downtown Charleston Sc, the city has separated parking enforcement from law enforcement.  That means we have an entire government entity whose job it is to put the screws to anyone with a car.  No bikes for these officers, oh no!  They drive around all day in comfy air conditioned Crown Victoria’s papering the city with $22.00 tickets (I once received five in one day).  The laws are very strict and the enforcement even more so.  Your best bet is to figure out the rules of parking early on before the tickets start stacking up on your windshield, because next is the boot, then towing and it goes downhill from there.  New residents and renters: your first priority, the minute you get your deed or lease, GO TO THE DMV.  parking is on the 2nd floor, take a number, (make sure you have $7.50, your license, your registration, your lease or landlord form, or deed with you.  If your  house is deeded to an LLC additional paperwork may be required.)  Once you have your parking decal on your car, the cool color coded map will show you all the places your “letter” allows you to park for free (for 6 months, renter or 1 year, owner).  Don’t be an idiot though, you still need to park in the designated residential zones, but in your district, the time limit no longer applies!  If you receive a ticket in error:  go to the DMV second floor take a number, request to see the hearing officer, and plead your case, this is normally only good for two tickets max.  Anything more and they will tell you to go to court and see the judge.  The hearing officer is only avaliable on certain days and at certain hours, call first so you don’t waste a trip.

How and where do I renew my Residential Parking Permit?

Residential parking can be obtained through the Parking Revenue Collections
Please call or visit 180 Lockwood Drive Extension, second floor, above the Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Parking Revenue Collections
(843) 724-7375.


Residential Parking Permit Information

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