Welcome to the Neighborhood YOJ!

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YOJ slide webWhen I met Candice Braddock and Erin Comar at 47 A Spring St, it was immediately clear why they are such succesful event planners.  They explained that they have closely followed the major changes that are making Elliotborough such a desirable location for businesses.  They  also explained the benefits of the additional parking, convenience in and out of the city, and the lower price per square foot.  After a quick assesment, they moved in and transformed the space into a beautiful show room. According to this dynamic pair, they specialize in “Meetings for all, sporting events, trunk shows, hip events, and, of course, weddings that make time stand still- they are all on our resume. Regardless of your desired affect, Yoj Events can exceed your expectations for a fabulously flawless event”.  For more information visit thier website www.yojevents.com

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