Artists on Lock Down at 103 Spring St

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There are few things more intimidating than a room full of sleep deprived artists.

Angry bees, maybe.

But in the meantime, we’ll stick to the artists…and in our fair city it’s becoming quite the trend to lock selected artistic talents up overnight and see what gets created during that time. Artistic trend, or cruel social experiment. Either way, we kind of like it.

The first one came in early August, when the ultra-hip FR3SH ART crew locked nine of themselves up in an impromptu Pitt St. gallery for 12 hours. The artists included Charleston heavy weights like Max Miller, Scott Dubus and Joanna Jackson. After half a day of creative compulsion and no sleep the Pitt St. gallery opened to the public.

To say it looked like an artistic explosion might be an understatement.

Art everywhere, on the walls on racks lining the stairs, all while bleary-eyed artists roamed the gallery valiantly downing cocktails and keeping up with the best of them. And boy, did the art move fast. Turns out people might buy more art when there’s a mentally suffering group of artists involved.

And this weekend, Eye Level Art does it again. LockIn

20 artists will be locked in the modern 103 gallery for 20 hours, during which time they’ll again create, interact and unleash an artistic bomb in the Spring St. gallery.

This go around, the contemporary gallery will combine an eclectic mix of artists ranging in styles from surreal to aerosol to textile and puppetry as well as add a healthy dash of some up-and-coming artists to the mix.

CHARLIE asked one of those youngbloods, pop-surreal artist Anson Cyr, how he felt about spending nearly an entire day locked in a gallery with other artists. He swore loudly before admitting that he was actually looking forward to the creative inspiration that would come from the Lock In.

Swing by Eye Level Art’s 103 gallery on Spring St. this Saturday beginning at 8p.m. to catch the town’s latest installment of the Art Lock In. Tickets are $5 at the door and the night, in true Eye Level Art opening reception cum art party style, will feature two Charleston DJs, Jeff Turner and the Bubbleguts Bros.

Be sure to get a good night’s rest the night before.

For more information and an Art Lock In Preview video, click here.

provided by Caroline Millard

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