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Edward Hopper "The Nighthawks"

Edward Hopper "The Nighthawks"

For the past three days I have seen Charleston through the eyes of a New York bartender.  My new client arrived with a mission, hang up his bar towel at arguably the trendiest bar in the West Village, and open a similar concept in Charleston Sc.  As we scoured the streets of Charleston, he relayed tales of changing times in Manhattan;  woefully siting corporate control and greedy landlords for the homogenization of what was once the melting pot of the world.  He exhibited a genuine infatuation with Charleston Sc and an enthusiasm for it’s delicate balance of old and new.  Shrugging off the obvious draw of upper King St locations, we gravitated to the upper peninsula.  Will it be an old soul food joint or a grungy midtown warehouse?  Both hold and abundance of promise and patina.

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