Friday night Fuel

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It was a dreary night in the neighborhood, kind of rainy and cool and neither of us felt like going out, the dilemma:  no food in the house.  The solution shuffle to Fuel in the rain.  What a contrast!  Nothing dreary about this atmosphere, there is even a lady sitting at the bar with a parrot in her coat pocket, she releases  the green winged creature and he flies over to land on an unsuspecting waitress who shrieks and convulses.  We laugh so hard we sputter our Coronas.  We are sitting at the outdoor bar, warmth from the kitchen is like a gulf stream keeping us warm against the damp cool night.  A party of revelers celebrate a new born baby under the outdoor shed roof and inside everybody is eating.  We join in with pulled chicken nachos and mahi tacos with fried plantains on the side.  The combination of the perfectly prepared food and the atmosphere transported  us to some Caribbean isle.  It was so good that the walk home in the rain seemed pleasant.  I forgot that I was once very critical of Fuel.  Obviously they have come into their own.

The outdoor patio at Fuel

The outdoor patio at Fuel

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