Miss Kitty's new friend is a Tattooed Moose

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The moose rules!

The moose rules!

Ok, so after showing the defunct Miss Kitty’s space to a half dozen restaurant wannabees, I was a not surprised to hear that it was snapped up by the folks from Voodoo.  I must admit also, that as much as I liked several of my clients concepts I love what the Moose has done to the place…almost nothing.  The space was cool from the get-go.  Old timey Charleston blue collar decor is so refreshing.  I am in love with the giant moose and the double barrel that took him out hanging on the wall behind him.  The Tattooed Moose located on Morrison between Taco Boy and Santis, this watering hole reminds you that you are on the frontier.  Luckily this outpost serves duck fat fries with aioli sauce and  since today is Saint Patty’s, I had the corned beef and cabbage special which was fabulous, I also ate several bites of my date’s duck club sandwich.  This is not a low calorie experience, but it is worth it in moderation, and I look forward to returning for a pint or two sometime soon.

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