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Eathquake Damage Charleston Sc in 1886

Eathquake Damage Charleston Sc in 1886

Another example of our government leaders treating Charlestonians like a bunch of idiots is the school boards “decision” that the public schools are unsafe….this comes at a very inconvenient time (or very convenient depending on your perspective) because the school district is broke, that’s right, no money.  The solution, cook up a “BIG PROBLEM” and raise taxes.  Along with the farce however comes a host of problems much more threatening to the health and well being of the children and community than earthquakes.  Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Ryan Glushkoff, head of the Cannonborough Elliotborough Neighborhood Association.  “As you known some Charleston County schools have been deemed to not be up to earthquake standards. As such, the Charleston School Board is proposing a plan which would move 500+ kids from Memminger (at Coming & Beaufain) to PORTABLE TRAILERS IN PARK OUT IN FRONT of Mitchell Elementary. This would be a “temporary” situation that would last for 3 years while the buildings are structurally upgraded. This is a BAD IDEA  THAT WE NEED TO OPPOSE.

Here is some background information from the Post & Courier –

Just so everyone realizes the severity of this situation, Arthur Ravenel (yes, that one) called me personally to let me know that he is 100% opposed to this plan.

This is a terrible idea that needs Cannonborough-Elliotborough needs to be opposed:

1.       Overcrowding – It crams two  student populations into an area designed for one – students would be rotated in and out of the main building to use its facilities.

2.       More Crime – Due to an increased number of students at Mitchell, Cannonborough-Elliotborough will likely see an increase in its crime rate. And since more police will be needed to direct traffic and provide extra security – this could strain resources and impact Charleston’s safety & security as a whole.

3.       Dangerous for Kids – It will be dangerous for the children – the bordering streets (Sheppard, Rutledge and Fishburne) are major thoroughfares and cars travel at high rates – especially coming off the Crosstown.

4.       No Green Space and No PE for Students – It will deprive both student populations of physical education – where will the students play?

5.       Traffic Issues – The area is congested enough in the morning with just Mitchell parents dropping their kids off. 500+ more students will only exacerbate the problem.

6.       Mitchell’s Montessori School – It will significantly impact the development of Mitchell’s Montessori program which is just starting to gain inertia.

7.       Loss of Green Space – Our neighborhood will lose a vibrant and healthy open green space. And it will deprive both student populations of physical education – where will the students play?

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