Haiku for O-ku, new sushi resto on King

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Caucasian Geisha Girl

Feeding fish in a bar.

Sushi Bar at Oak

Sushi Bar at O-ku

Last night’s excursion to O-ku was a little disappointing.  I love it when a high end restaurant moves to the edge of my neighborhood.  Luckily it happens frequently.  The latest is the very hyped hot spot O-ku.  I am a huge sushi fan!  I wanted so badly to love O-ku, and it is so cool.  The great big space on the corner of Radcliffe and King is beautifully put together, but the seats at the sushi bar were awkward and uncomfortable.  The height of the bar made it impossible to watch the chefs work, which is why I wanted to sit at the bar.  My ceviche scallop martini was very good, and my friend’s Ika Sansai (squid and seaweed salad was yummy) but after choosing a pricey Sushi and Sashimi entree platter we were served sashimi and nagiri and no sushi rolls.  The fish was fresh, but we didn’t see any roe or clam on the menu and the service was all show and no competence.  I will probably go back for a drink and a snack, but I will return to Sushi Hiro, which never disappoints, for my next authentic sushi fix.

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