Shine, one door closes another one opens

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Food and beverage is a tough business in Charleston Sc with over 120 restaurants in the downtown area and a metro area population of just over half a million people.  Needless to say there is a lot to choose from.  Outside of the tourist area is where the best food happens.  With over 4 million tourists visiting our city annually, there is just too much of a captive audience south of Calhoun St.  One stand out in the adventurous part of town was Shine.  Shine took risks and was truly delightful in many ways.  There were some short comings however that had to due with inconsistency and lack of identity much more than any location issues.  Luckily for us locals, the power house team from Lana restaurant on the corner of Rutledge and Cannon are in negotiations to take over the Shine location at the corner of King and Line.  Owner Drazen Romic knows all about what it takes to pull people off the beaten path and has proven so by celebrating his five year anniversary at Lana this year.  Hopefully with Romic’s experience Shine can have a comeback and the two restaurants can create delicious book ends for the wonderful Elliotborough neighborhood.

Shine closes but is set to reopen Elliotborough restaurants

Shine closes but is set to reopen under new management

Cafe Lana Rutledge and Cannon Elliotborough Charleston Sc

Owner Drazen Romic of Lana Restaurant

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