Art Show Friday at 103 Spring

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Art show friday at 103 Spring Eye Level Art in Elliotborough Charleston Sc

If you have never been to Eye Level Art the auto garage turned art gallery on Spring St in downtown Charleston, then you are really missing out!  The space is incredibly unique, almost indescribable large industrial type space with the artifact facade of an antebellum house encapsulated within.  A beautiful back courtyard with tall walls creating an incongruous oasis.  The events always draw an enthusiastic crowd of local art patrons, artists and bon vivants.  Stop by Friday!


Time: 7pm-11pm (Friday)
Location: 103 Spring St

Eye Level Art brings you an evening of “Script & Scrimshaw”.
Four artists: Kevin Morrissey, Trever Webster, Seth Corts, and Keith Huie, all celebrate the role words and text can play in art. For centuries the use of text, and typography have been used to convey ideas and communicate.

Scrimshaw was born by artistic sea travelers who would scribe on any surface available. These usually consisted of whale teeth and walrus tusks. As well as highly intricate black and white illustrations.

These four artist’s have been incorporating letters and numbers in their art since they picked up a pencil. They stress the patterns text can create and the vast interpretations that can be made by a single word or a cleverly composed sentence.

Collectively the artists’ will be showcasing illustrations, acrylic paintings, murals and a variety of stenciling and printmaking techniques. The surfaces used are as important as the medium to these artists. This event will unveil bodies of unique work destined to remain on the brain.

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