A tale of two houses

CurrieReal Estate

This afternoon my assistant and I previewed two homes located on the upper Penninsula. Both homes are actively listed for sale around $300,000 (not a bad price point for downtown). The home in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood was clearly a flip and features new everything including cement board siding. With a price tag of $35,000 more, the buyer would simply need to move in, the work is all done. It does however have more of a cobbled together feel and has had several additions. The home in the North Central Neighborhood has great bones, and a nice kitchen with high ceilings and a huge crawl space big enough to stand up in! Overlooking the messy occupants and the doggie smell was not a problem but it definitely needs both bathrooms remodeled, some work done on the siding in the near future and a bit of landscaping and cleaning. These homes were similar in square feet, both have three bedrooms and 2 baths. Two very interesting and appealing downtown homes. One in need of a little TLC and one completely turn key. Which do you prefer?

Kathryn pulls the key out of the lockbox to check out the turn key home for sale in Wagener Terrace

First floor floors are all tile creating a clean sleek look

Cleaver staging helps buyers picture living in the home

Home in North Central is a slightly lower price point but needs more work

This home has great architectural details and sits high above the street