Paradise Found

CurrieLife, Real Estate

I got a call from Tim and Jess, “we need an agent to write a contract on the property we found”. This was a strange request for me. Usually clients call and want to be shown multiple properties. Not Tim and Jess, they knew what they wanted. When I drove out to Johns Island to meet them, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The couple had fallen in love with the most trashed out place I had ever shown. I felt like I had stepped into an episode of hoarders. It didn’t take too much looking around though to discover that Tim and Jess had found a true diamond in the rough. Under all the trash, weeds, and mosquito larvae was a nearly three acre home site with a large two story home and a sizable barn with an apartment above it. The fun had just begun as we put pen to paper. The quest for financing forced us to roll up our sleeves and pull out the weed eater. No bank wanted to make a mortgage on such an overgrown mess. At the end of two months of blood sweat and tears, the determined couple got the final ok from the appraiser and we were off to closing. This was one for my record books and a happy story of hard work pays off. The other day I drove past the lovely little farm and hardly recognized it. This is what it looked like when they started.

starting to look better

trash or art? TRASH

More trash

broken appliances on the back deck

dog pens and chicken hutches and more trash and weeds