Another great article on Upper King Elliotborough Neighborhood boom

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Upper King and Meeting streets have usually been quiet parts of downtown. Walk down the sidewalks and look up, you can see things are changing. City planners have been bringing in new developments that will change the face of that area.

“National market and what we know of locally as the greatness of King and Meeting streets, they’re coming together and producing demand in all areas,” said Tim Keane with the city of Charleston

Keane reiterates that residential, office, and hospitality businesses will create the perfect combo to create busy sidewalks. Midtown is a hotel and office development that’s shooting up just off upper King. A new apartment complex at Meeting and Spring will bring in hundreds of new residents to the area. These new developments will benefit existing businesses that already have a stake in one of the hottest markets in town.

“More full day foot traffic will allow for a greater variety of retail. The retail environment is as strong as it’s ever been. The vacancy rate is very low,” said Keane.

While the high rises keep stacking up, not everyone is happy about it. Brushing the shoulder of the Eastside neighborhoods, Edward Jones said the developments are too much for the area.

“There’s no building 5, 6, 7 stories high in the community so it’s going to have an impact. It’s going to bring more traffic, more cars, more people in and out of the community as well,” said Jones.

While it will change the look of downtown Charleston, Keane says businesses have to set up shop somewhere.

“The nature of neighborhood shopping and main street retail is never static, it’s always changing. There are always places that are coming alive. That’s the nature of downtown.’