Brown’s Court Bakery replaces Hope and Union on Saint Philip

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Yesterday with a house full of guests to feed, I popped into the new Brown’s Court Bakery on Saint Philip St. in Elliotborough. In hopes of finding a few bakery items to bring home for breakfast, I greeted the very friendly staff and the slight changes in design. I suppose the biggest difference is the removal of a coffee counter in exchange for a full blown bakery kitchen. This kitchen isn’t just for looks either, as I stood there picking out pastries from the delightful assortment, the bakers were busy making more. The place smells delightful! My guests quickly gobbled up the almond and chocolate croissants, pecan sweet rolls, and blueberry muffins. The owner’s of Hope & Union coffee made such a beautiful cafe and when they left it has been filled with bakery goodies. The Brown’s Court Bakery is a hopeful Union of good taste and great tastes!