Thanksgiving delights without the hot kitchen!

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I love Thanksgiving and I love cooking, but I don’t love cooking Thanksgiving dinner! I know it’s weird, but I seldom enjoy eating the meals that I cook as much as I do other chef’s efforts. In Charleston SC according to Anthony Bourdain, Bill Murray, Conde Naste and the rest of the civilized world, we have an outstanding collection of talented chefs. In this blog post about Thanksgiving food, I will outline my ideal collection of Thanksgiving dishes that are a mere phone call away!

We will a start with a cocktail hour and a selection of cheeses. No one does cheese like Goat Sheep Cow, and to accompany their made to order cheese plate a basket of Charleston’s best bread courtesy of Baguette Magic!  In my perfect world a bartender from IceBox is pouring us a cranberry infused specialty cocktail of their own devising, delicious or perhaps a Jack Rudy Gin & Tonic or Bloody Mary. Still peckish?  Add a snack!  What could be better than a selection of Callie’s hot biscuits with their own specialty pimento cheese spread.

Now for the meal!  Gather around the table and dig in.  Our first course should traditionally be a delicious soup, preferably a Charleston She Crab from “best of charleston” award winning 82 Queen Catering.

 After soup out comes the rest of the feast. Both Hamby’s and Cru catering are delighting us with an ample smorgasbord of traditional Thanksgiving menu items with a southern twist, including a sweet tea brinded turkey from Cru and a yummy sounding Bourbon basted gobbler from Hamby’s.

For a variety of magnificent and unusual sides, I recommend Caviar and Bananas. Their take on a Caesar Salad with fresh caught Salmon and pumpernickel croutons definitely shows up on my dream menu.

The star of the show in my house is always dessert. I’ve already ordered a pumpkin cheesecake from Wildflour Pastry and I can’t wait to peruse the holiday menu at Sugar Bake Shop another of the famous Elliotborough Neighborhood establishments. In short, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the good things in life, friends, family, good health and the amazing food culture in the City of Charleston SC!