Hottest and Nottest Neighborhoods in Charleston SC

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Hi Property shoppers, here is my personal list of what’s hot and what’s not in Charleston SC neighborhoods. I have tried to organize my list according to price, location and livability. The overall guiding factor however is desirability which drives up your resale value. Buying in the right neighborhood can turn an average investment into “the best decision in my entire life”!
1. Wagener Terrace *full disclosure: I am biased because I live here
Positives: Amazing location, great restaurants, trendy beyond belief
Negatives: Due to the above factors prices have nearly doubled in the last two years, ouch! Also, houses were not constructed during a time when closets, kitchens and bathrooms were considered important. Translation, high priced fixer uppers

2. Park Circle…The reason Park Circle made the list is that it is essentially the Wagener Terrace of North Charleston/ all the same perks and downfalls but a little less expensive due to the North Chuck location. See below a picture of my new listing in Park Circle “TA DA!”

3. Riverland Terrace: Like Park Circle, R.T. is technically not a CHARLESTON address. Located on a high buff overlooking the Stono River, this James Island location is absolutely photo ready. The elegant oaks, the boat landing, the farmers market, The Terrace Theatre and a variety of walking distance eateries, make this a happy place for young families. Prices have jumped recently but unlike the aforementioned neighborhoods, there is a good variety of home styles and price points to choose from. 2 million dollar mansions, 700 square foot bungalows and everything in between! Negatives: mainly just traffic, in order to reach downtown Charleston from here a bridge must be crossed, luckily there are two to choose from because one of them opens regularly.

My nottest list includes the following offenders
Carolina Park, Park West and Carolina Bay…along with a litany of other giant, tree devoid neighborhoods where buyers become instantly upside down