I’m a real estate agent because I love the interaction of people, neighborhoods and architecture, particularly in Charleston SC. I also believe that Charleston is the most wonderful city in America because of it’s location, buildings, history, and people. When I moved to Charleston from Kingstree, SC in 1989, it seemed to be the most fascinating place on earth. I have since lived in many other places, but I still find Charleston the most interesting. I attended Bishop England High School and the College of Charleston where I received a Ba in Art History and Studio Art. I like to look at art, ride horses, take photographs, speak (poor) french, and go out with friends. I have bought and sold many houses on behalf of my clients who I always regard as good friends. I currently live in Wagener Terrace, in Downtown Charleston, SC.

Life in Charleston, Sc is whatever you make it, but the opportunity for good food, friends and fun activities pulls people here from all over the world and once experienced, life in Charleston SC is hard to leave.

What I think draws people most to Charleston, SC is probably the water. The beautiful beaches and marsh views make the Charleston area visually different from most other places. The water also improves the climate here in Charleston. Although summers are sometimes brutally humid the breeze improves things measurably and afternoon thunderstorms are a regular and eagerly anticipated break from the heat. Water sports are happening everywhere and most cars are adorned with surf or kayak racks. Just driving over the James Island Connector or walking over the Cooper River (Ravenel Bridge) is an opportunity to spectate rowing, sailing, kyaking, yachting, fishing and just plain old motor boating.